play sweetie

Pull it around you,
'til those fingers slip away.
No matter what the cover,
you're as clear as cellophane.

Now you're reaching for anything
you can get,
but it vanishes.
A look, ten seconds, his breath.

When you need an ornament,
you'll lay out the red carpet.
Shut your mouth - Play Sweetie.


something about everything

Reach deep down.
pull the ball out of your throat.
Say what's got you right behind the eyes,
'Cause I'm not interested in dragging out the truth.

A cigarette and a man take turns at your lips,
but it doesn't matter.
'Cause you're caught up in being the aura.

I never really trusted you.
Never could feel your soul.
Don't think I was ever jealous.
There was something really big and whole missing.

I think you scared me,
'cause you were everything I could be,
if I were half as good.

Now I could cry for you,
take your terror, leave your gifts behind.
they don't matter like they used to.
Just to make it better I'd try for you.


cdedbd wings

Tell me you mean it, and I'll give you
every reason, to stop thinking of me,
as somebody you can hold on Wednesday morning.

I'm not really sure
if I want you to beg for me
even in the moonlight
when I'd take anyone home.

All your friends wave candy cigars,
and they'll tattle to me
about all the fun you had
in your eighth life.

You and I, we wash our hands
and confide in invisible friends,
Then I'll laugh when you land.
And then I'll say,
"You forgot my birthday."

Lyrics: Mary Ann Wilson
Music: BUW
c) 2004

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